Addicted to Documentaries


Had the chance to watch National Geographic channel when I was at KL at ahL’s house. And I was addicted to it. The program that we were watching back then was Seconds from Disaster and the episode was “Crash of the Comet”.

January, 1954: one of the world’s first passenger jet aircrafts, Comet Flight 781, crashes into the Mediterranean Sea, killing everyone on board. The tragedy launches one of the most critical and complex investigations in aviation history. NGC takes you back in time, before black boxes and flight data recorders, to reveal the critical chain of events that caused the downing of Flight 781.

I liked the way the program tracked the sequence of events that led to disasters such as the explosion of Challenger and Singapore’s very own hotel collapse. And everything is illustrated very clearly with the aid of three dimensional X-ray-vision-like diagrams. Cool~!!!

Back from KL, I started looking for similar programs offered by the National Geographic channel. And I found Naked Science. Naked Science covers scientific phenomenon and touches everything from hurricanes, solar flares, birth of the solar system and even Stonehenge.

I knew of Megastructures even before I went KL because of various advertisement seen on MRT before. This documentary series breaks down all the greatest structures and machines ever created and expose the engineering feats and design thoughts that went behind their creation. Super geeky and super informative. Nice~!!!

Random thoughts

  1. Obviously due to not having enough footages, I realize that the documentaries succumb use several clips several times throughout each episode. And this gets even more obvious when I am watching the documentaries without any advertisement breaks. *Cough*
  2. Luckily it’s still the holidays right now. I won’t have time to watch all these when school starts next week. Sigh~

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