Dance Camp Performances

What is a dance camp without dance performances right? In an attempt to get the juniors bond, we had a mini competition between the juniors and seniors where each group of us are suppose to come out with a 4-minute performance. We later announced during the BBQ that all guests at the BBQ has to come out with an performance item too. Wahaha… Here’s what happened during the preparation phase as all of us attempts to squeeze time to practice…


Juniors’ Performance

Commendable effort~!!! All of them had no chance to be in the same dance item before and some even never had the chance to perform on stage before. Guess this is the first baby step for them… Hur hur…

Guest Performance 01

ASHF and Sophia show off their dance skills and experience in an item which they discussed and practiced during the BBQ session itself. Amazing~!!! Listen out for the sound of a cracking jacket at 00:33. HAHAHA~!!!

Guest Performance 02

We forced Grace and Siew Wan to dance their common item Dai Zu which we did for Dance Reflections 2006. They then dragged the other dancers who had performed the item before to join in too. Some of them could remember the choreography despite it being a 1 year old item~! Cool~!

For the curious, here’s the video of the original performance at UCC.

Seniors’ Performance

This is the only video which I’ve no courage to watch because of my very own involvement. Haha… It happens that all the girls had performed in an all-girl item before and they decided to work on that. I had to 自由发挥 along the way… Grr~

And this is the original performance during Ethereal 2007 plus my blog entry regarding the dance item.


5 thoughts on “Dance Camp Performances

  1. OMG!!! i almost die-d trying NOT to laugh out loud (cos’ i was in the sci library) while watching this – NZJ you are damn hilarious larHhhzzzz!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! best (impromptu) performer award le! =P

  2. Haha… Given that I am part of the videos, my immediate instinct is to make the videos private of course. But that would make the videos un-viewable by anyone unless I invite them. So I made the videos public…

  3. whahahahahah!!!!!!!!! my mouth open widely when i watched the dance camp video clip. (1)Junior–> new blood is good! (2) Fen & Sophia is fun and good to watch (3) exco: you rock!! esp the “singer” btw the sexy gals….

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