Dance Camp Day 02


That should be the first thought of the day for most of us after the physically demanding first day. So we started the day with a much needed stretching routine.

We then traveled down to McDonald’s at Clementi interchange. We took so long to consolidate the order that by the time we are done, the menu had changed from breakfast to lunch and we had to re-consolidate our orders again. Haha… I hope we didn’t spoil the day for the girl at the counter…


After which we walked down to West Coast Recreation Centre for our rock wall climbing workshop. We are very fortunate to have ~*j|nGz*~ as our instructor. She explained all details of rock wall climbing very clearly and I was very impressed. I was her “model” during the introduction and had to climb… Luckily she chose an easy wall for me during the demonstration… Wahaha…


Brief description of what happened next:

  • Seniors once again abandoned the juniors and we went to NTUC to purchase whatever necessary for a decent BBQ session.
  • We scramble to get our choreography completed back in NUS.
  • The girls prepare food for the BBQ while I attempt to set up the BBQ pit.
  • I failed.
  • Siew Wan arrives and saves the day evening~! She managed to get the charcoal white hot and the BBQ proceeded successfully with her as the full-time BBQ-ist.
  • Performances by the juniors and seniors and two special guest items.
  • Break camp…



Random Thoughts

  1. For more details of where we went for rock wall climbing, visit ClimbAdventure.
  2. Bits and pieces of rock wall climbing came back to me as the day goes by (I had some experience climbing during my RI days eons ago) and I soon was addicted to belaying. I believed it was a very effective bonding session for us. Building trust and confidence and all… Great choice of activity~!!!
  3. XF and ~*j|nGz*~ bought the new flavors available for McFlurry and I like Berries and Cookies more. Finally got to taste what it is like. Sadly, it’s just normal McFlurry with the addition of toppings from Sundae(Strawberry or Hot Fudge).
  4. As I am blessed with having many friends from scouts in each of my cliques, I never actually need to set up the BBQ fire. Haha… To think the first time I do it is outside the CFA building. It’s also the first time I actually think that I am doing something illegal in school. Setting up fire outside a school building might not look good to some over zealous professors you see. Fortunately, none of them appeared or walk past or see the smoke signal that I sent…

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