Free Product Placement

We abandoned the juniors in their comfortable accommodation in Raffles Hall and proceeded to plan and work on stuffs for Day 02 of Dance Camp. However, hunger got the better of us and I started compiling a list of food that we wanted to eat…

Then came the question of what is the number to dial. Somehow an advertisement tune came to my mind and I dialed for 6222 6111. And this belonged to KFC Delivery. Hahahaha…

Time for some help~! It must have been the lack of sugar in my brain and I entered instead of consulting Google. And I find myself in The McDonald’s Moms Panel. Diao~

I didn’t notice that I’ve landed in the wrong website initially and searched frantically for the menu and the number to dial for McDelivery. But all I could see was random testimonies of random mothers. Hmm… Then someone pointed it out to me and I laughed at my stupidity. Hahaha…

Okay… I finally got someone on the line to take my order and those listening laughed when I introduced myself as John (This was a random name given to me by Yixin and somehow it stuck and I used it for all unofficial occasions) and when I pronounced “Corn” (“哇!竟然有卷舌喔!”).

Finally the food came and you can imagine our happiness. A picture speaks a thousand words.

Alright… For the amount of free publicity I’ve done for McDonalds, they should award me with the 10,000$ prize that they are giving out weekly. This will make me the first male winner after 7 weeks into the lucky draw. Wahahaha….

Random Thoughts

  1. McDonalds is spelt without an “a” like MacDonalds and it ends with an “s”.
  2. I should have entered to reach the official website. This URL is especially useful for those who cannot spell the full name correctly. But why set up a separate website at Hmm…
  3. The correct number to dial for McDelivery is 6777 3777.

3 thoughts on “Free Product Placement

  1. lOl!!! the video is hilarious larhs!!! should upload it MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA =P but dance camp’s superduperfun; think mainly the seniors aka us few camping over at DT had the most fun out of it HAHA =P

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