KL vs. You-Know-Where

Can’t help but realize some important differences between the two countries the moment I crossed the border. These are just my personal opinions/observations and I in no way mean to insult anybody or any country.

Cigarette smoke

My lungs loves being reminded of being a second-hand smoker; like real… It sudden dawn on me that it has been quite some time since I had to smell those irritating cigarette smoke for an extended period of time. And no thanks to all smokers that were smoking in front of a “No Smoking” sign at the Johor Bahru train station, I had to share their love for carcinogens while I was waiting for the train to arrive.

Pot holes

I never understood why there is a constant need to resurface the road. I remembered that LTA repaved 823 lane km of roads on 108 roads and expressway when Singapore was preparing to host the IMF and World Bank conference in 2006. Then after having the vehicle I was seated in sinking into the pot holes on roads and expressways, I realize that having a flat road is essential to having a smooth and comfortable ride.

Shop houses

In a similar way that ahL’s father wasn’t used to seeing high rise building in his visit to Singapore, I wasn’t used to seeing 2-4 storey high buildings; especially in the suburbs. Guess this is the benefit of having a huge country with much land area…

Public housing

Quality public housing is what Singapore’s HDB has been trying to achieve. I managed to see KL’s version of their public housing and I can’t find a word to describe the state and outlook that the buildings were in. FYI, the building above is one of the better maintained ones.


2 thoughts on “KL vs. You-Know-Where

  1. I did initially want to write something regarding a lack of a central form of transaction (except cash) for the transportation system. But I wasn’t sure of the validity of the claim/observation and so I left it out. This is one of the few times when I try to reduce the controversy of an entry. Haha…

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