Abduction alert~! Three suave/handsome/superior men were abducted by one Mediacorp producer on Orchard Road outside Takashimaya Shopping Centre~!! They were then forced to smile on camera and say things that they didn’t want to~!!! Luckily photos were taken as proof:

Fen & Siew Wan Wang Da & Siew Wan

Originally we planned to say that our new resolution is for Fen to accomplish 10 piruettes, Wang Da to achieve a 270 degrees split plus head stand and me to learn 搬腿转. Too bad our plan was thwarted… Grr~

We then spitted ways and I met Yixin at Plaza Singapura for an elaborated gift exchange and a small piece of rostie. Looks like I got the better end of the deal since she only received one T-shirt and I got a lot more. Oops…

The group reformed later and we caught National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Nothing much can be said about the movie. Maybe I’d write a short review of the movie… Maybe not…

Despite apart we are, it’s amazing that strangers, we are not.

4 thoughts on “Abduction~!

  1. 哇!不错呀,难得的经验。应该谢谢这位让你们上镜的新传媒编导。她是谁呢?


  2. 。。。

    被折腾的又不是你,你当然可以隔岸观火啦。我又不是一个很爱演、爱上镜的人。Grrr~ 现在我唯一可以希望的是新加坡完全没人看那个节目,或者因我说的都是废话而导播在剪辑的时候没把我括在节目当中。YES~!!!

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