KL Trip… Boom~!

So where did nzj disappear to? Here’re some really big clues…

Crest Signboard Visit Malaysia 2007

Story has it that ahL suddenly has two tickets landed on him one day 2 days before the departure date and “Boom~!” I find myself onto my second trip down to Kuala Lumpur. It’s surprising that my mum didn’t disapprove of my sudden announcement. Hmm…

Luggages Tired...

So here’re our luggage and we traveled down to Johor Bahru train station and waited for the train to arrive. It was a 11.30pm train and it was expected to be late according to ahL’s experience. We got kinda tired of waiting.

Whoo~!! The train arrived!

The Seated on my bed My Stuffs

First impression on board the train was it reminded me of those Japanese capsule hotels which have pod-like rooms stacked on one another. The bed was all the space I had and I had to keep all my stuffs on the bed. There’s curtain for some pseudo-privacy and a reading light by the wall. Then my 10 hour trip to KL begins…

We reached KL Sentral station! Morning to myself and ahL… *Yawnz*

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