Gift Giving

Birthdays and Christmas makes the month of December the season for giving gifts. Happen to overhear this conversation about the levels of gifts.

  1. The first level of gifts refers to giving cash. One doesn’t put any thoughts to it at all, reaches into the wallet, and pulls out some cash to give a person. This usually signifies that one doesn’t know much about the other.
  2. The next level up is giving gift certificates. This is when one roughly knows what the interest of the recipient lies in. In this case, some thought has gone into it.
  3. The one with the most thought placed into the gift, but also the most risky level, is when one purchase the actual gift item itself. It’s considered risky because one is taking off all choices from the recipient. Getting something that really fits is tricky…

And the sad part of gift giving comes when one has put much thought and effort into choosing the gift but it’s not well received by the recipient. That sounds like a big “Oops”.

But I guess all recipients, being polite, will accept the gift with a smile and be contended with the fact that someone actually bothered about the occasion. Maybe they won’t be as excited as they should be. I can so relate to those moments. Haha…


2 thoughts on “Gift Giving

  1. Why so? At least it’s not as hurting as receiving cash right? And as the saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts”, regardless of the amount of thought that went in. Haha…

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