News alert~! Eye candies spotted in Orchard~!

  1. Nike Commuter 3-Way Backpack
    Okay… Don’t question me why I am so into Nike bags. This time, this bag model is really versatile in the sense that it can switch from a backpack, to a shoulder bag, or to a briefcase, depending one’s needs. It offers protection to the laptop within and comes with a detachable shoe carrier and a silicone case for iPod that one can unsnap from the bag. Wow… Can any other bag fit my lifestyle more than this?
  2. GelaSkin for MacBook Pro
    GelaSkins are removable vinyl skins serving the purpose of protection and customization. They feature some stunning designs that I’d love to have on the cover of my MacBook Pro. My ideal design would be one that interacts nicely with the Apple logo that will glow through. And now if only they come really cheap in bulk; Then I can change them as frequently as I change my wallpaper. Hahaha…

Can’t really visualize what I am describing?

Nike Commuter 3-Way Backpack

See the different modes of carrying a bag.

Backpack Shoulder Bag Briefcase

Transform, transform, transform…

Transformers Transformers Transformers Transformers Transformers

GelaSkin for MacBook Pro

Can’t really find one that fits my criteria. This is the best I can find thus far, titled Jaime Zollars. Hur hur~

Jamie Zollars

Incidentally, I’ve identified three items that I should start looking out for over the sales period. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to find those that fits my taste. Hee hee hee..


5 thoughts on “Eye-Candies

  1. 哈哈!我正想买一个“大”包包,有多功能,可多变化的。因为经常携带太多东西出门了。可惜呀,您介绍的虽好,却不适合女生。天呀,包包还真难买。我从年中到现在,还没买到。可恶!

  2. 你呀!哈哈!幸亏你还知道不能因一见钟情就不管三七二十一地去买。要不然乌龟壳真的好可怜喔!人总是会产生喜新厌旧的感觉。哈哈,这就是人类。只要懂得克制就行了。

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