MobTV Website Review

Guess any Singaporean can hear “本节目之外,还有更多好戏在MOBTV任你下载。” at least once per day.

Digress: There is a festive promotion rates for MOBTV right now. You can get 6 months for the price of 3 and 12 months for the price of 6. Promotion ends 8th January 2008. For those that want to try out the service first before committing to an extended period, sign up for a free account over at MOBTV and enter MOBTV-IWKLY2 as the promo code. This gives you 2 weeks of International Access to Mediacorp programs. Promo code valid till 31 December 2007.

MOBTV Homepage

I signed up for an account and have been using it the past few days. Been training my brain to suit the user interface simply because it’s not user friendly. I wonder how a person with very basic technical knowledge can navigate round the site. Here are some of my complains:

Navigating within the site and want to return to the home page? Click on the small “Home” icon instead if the prominent MOBTV logo which is equally persistent and definitely a larger target to click on. Also, it’s located at prime location: top left corner. This is one location that requires minimal aiming, just flick the cursor to the top left and the user will hit the general area. The home button, on the other hand, is in the middle of no where!

Limited Programs Highlighted

Want to browse for programs? You’d be lucky if the program that you are interested in is one of the highlighted ones. Other than categorizing the programs into the producing channels or into their genres (e.g. Comedy, Current Affairs), only 8 programs are listed prominently in the Highlights area. All other programs are listed alphabetically in a crammed list. Are they expecting all of us to recall the English equivalent name of each Mandarin program? How about adding an icon of the program that the audience is more familiar with? And with the ever increasing list of programs, this user interface solution is definitely not the way to go. Channel 8 has already 9 pages of programs crammed into the list!

The URL is not friendly too. Try guessing what programs the following links bring you to. Go and buy 4D immediately, $100 Big $100 Small, if you guess one correctly.

Seriously, it’s not so technically difficult to create something more descriptive like

Choosing Episodes...

Next, imagine I am really lucky and I found the the landing page for my program. Once again, one smart ass has decided to cram all the episodes into a list! Imagine if a user who wants to catch up on the 20 episodes that one has missed. He would need to click on the list, choose the episode, click whether to stream or download the episode, for twenty times. Ah, more mouse clicking training…

Enough about the web site, will review the service itself soon.


One thought on “MobTV Website Review

  1. Hi

    You do raise some valid points about Mobtv website layout although i guess even though it is not the most user friendly, it is not totally unsuitable to use for browsing and the design is quite easy on the eye. However the content is a MASSIVE let down for peeps like myself who wanna watch old shows on Mobtv Gold and all the Mobtv mod will say is “licensing issue”.

    After reading the post at Mobtv Singapore which is a long but honest review of the Mobtv service, i feel more people should be aware of the lousy attitude (confirmed by the unhappy forums feedback)

    I finally understand that they are simply lying to keep cost and manpowers down. Now i no longer pay Mobtv for their terrible attitude anymore and am much happy for it Goodbye Mobtv Sg.

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