Hard Disk Recovered~!

When consumers call the support line, it is when they need much help from the company because they are totally helpless in the situation they are in. It is extremely crucial that the technicians on line is able to assist the consumer as much as possible and therefore they play an important role.

Months ago, the Maxtor OneTouch III which I bought and used for less than 9 months broke down on me suddenly. I was in the middle of transferring files back to my MacBook Pro after a routine format and the device switched off on me.

And it could never be switched on again. Then my support help line became a nightmare itself.

I called the help line and it’s one of the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had. I’m sorry that I have to say this, but Maxtor/Seagate, why are you outsourcing your support team to an incompetent company in China!? The lady on the line, who addressed herself with the pseudo-name Candy, could not understand my request and just kept on repeating whatever cue card she has in her hands!

To make matters worse, she requested me to speak to her in Mandarin after torturing me for 15 minutes!!!

Sending an email to Maxtor/Seagate didn’t help much too, since the whole support team is outsourced. The email address I sent to was disksupport@custhelp.com but the reply came from Seagate.Support@teleservices.com.cn. Haiz… That was the moment when I know there is no way I can get a decent support.

Did a check on teleservices.com.cn and this company doesn’t even has a decent web site of their own. Great choice you have Maxtor/Seagate! One way to boost the consumer confidence is by having a pseudo-company managing your customer service!!

Knowing that the hard disk itself is intact and it was just a small power-related component that is damaged, I decided to take things in my own hands. With some guidance, I took the external hard disk apart:

Useless Component from Maxtor

The next few steps are easy. Just mount the hard disk as a slave drive in my desktop and within minutes, I recovered all my files. All that needs to be done is to purchase an external hard disk casing.

My Precious Home-made Movies

There is no way I am going to purchase another product from Maxtor/Seagate. The lack of proper customer support is enough to let me know that they are only concerned with gaining revenues from us.

2 thoughts on “Hard Disk Recovered~!

  1. Simple, I was using the HDD when the device switched off by itself. And subsequent attempts to switch on the device only brings a flicker of light on the front panel. So the probability that the HDD itself failed is quite low as it shouldn’t cause any power-related issues.

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