Just finished BioMaterials paper this morning. Having some difficulty concentrating. Therefore decided to rehash some blogs of my closest friends.

It’s interesting looking way back into the past. Because some entries were just written in codes and one could definitely not fathom what the post was about back then. And I usually don’t read them again. Now, after knowing the author even better and having gained access to their “code book”, it’s like reading a novel the second/third time round. A different flavor arise, a different aftertaste lingers. It’s a totally different experience.

The character of the author shapes that of the blog. Some are light, rarely describing sadder moments of one’s life. Some are dark, and it pains me seeing what some has went through all these time. Some have central characters, who are immortalized by all the detailed descriptions precipitated from those bittersweet memories. Some had a “system flush”, where all the sadder pasts are washed away, and kept buried at the deepest corner where only the author knows. And some goes around in circles, not beating around the bush, but trapped in dilemmas that Fate designed.

Honestly, I like them all. And I thank all that have entrusted me not with their future, but their past.

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