“Farquhar”念“Ba Gua”

整个《联合早报》的标题是:《“Farquhar”念“Ba Gua” 李国煌带团笑游博物馆》。摘要:

形象很“阿明”的新传媒主持人李国煌,带团参观新加坡历史博物馆时不忘作弄历史人物,把英国驻新加坡首任殖民地行政官威廉·法夸尔的英文名“William Farquhar”,叫成“William Ba Gua”(肉干的福建发音)。






“Change is constant”这句话不是没道理的。艺术、文化、宗教等虽说是几百年提炼出的精髓,但若不与时并进,也难逃被冷落的厄运。


So controversy can be effectively used to one’s advantage.

One may ask, “Isn’t doing this attracting the wrong crowd to the Museum?” There are two answers.

NO. One should see this as a chance to expose the Museum to some Singaporeans who has never stepped in to the Museum before. Would a housemaker ever think of visiting the Museum? How about their children? Now, there is a pull factor for this family to visit. The original intent for this family might be wrong (“I want to see Mark Lee! He’s so funny on TV!”), but having this exposure may give the Museum a chance to set their image right in people’s hearts, a.k.a. 打破旧观念.

YES. But, face it, we are living in a society where numbers matter. Any institution has to do some number crunching and let the higher institutions know the value of their existence via numbers. Companies do this via reporting their revenues and profits. Non-profit organizations like the Museum depends on the crowd they manage to attract yearly.

Well, the Museum definitely has done its job preparing Mark Lee for the big day. Most of the interviewed visitors were pleased with his walk through. And I applaud the management for taking such a bold but calculated move. Who knows, maybe I’d pop a visit down to the Museum after my exams.

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