Review: License to Wed

HA~! It’s the exams season and I am watching movies like nobody’s business. License to Wed(Trailer) is about a story of how a reverend puts a couple who intends to marry through a series of shit tests to see if their relationship is strong enough to pull them through.

In all, a simple, funny movie with a linear plot. Perfect for the exams seasons.

I really enjoyed the opening sequence, I’ve watched it at least 5 times whilst editing this entry. Thought it wouldn’t hurt sharing… It describes the various stages of the relationship.

Meeting the right person:


From the first destined meeting to the sweet innocence of the first date:

Whoops... Naughty right hand...

The first time you say I love you… And she actually hears you:

Confession to an old man

Decided that words and pictures can’t do justice. Here’s the clip itself:

I thought this 2 minute clip pretty packaged the whole experience nicely within the short time frame. “I’m not a skipper” is hilarious…

Can’t say much about the movie, it’s almost too predictable. But what I’d say is this movie is kind of perfect for couples to watch. Just pop the DVD and lounge in a room. No trips down to the cinema necessary.


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