Taxi Ride Home

Zheng Jie you know what? You are so stressed that you actually booted up your Mac so that you could blog on a taxi. Walked to NUS High just to catch a cab did you? I’m not sure what’s causing all the frustration.

Is it a lack of a listener? Or there are too many to choose from? Or is it so difficult to choose a correct listener? It used to be easy wasn’t it?

Guess knowing that you are twenty days away from the first paper doesn’t help a bit. And neither is the fact that you are not prepared for any one of them.

None. Zero. Zilch.

Walking by the expressway, I suddenly had the impulse to shout. No one can see me nor hear me anyways. The stress that is mounting by the day really needs an outlet. But somehow I couldn’t do it.

Can’t wait for the exams to be over. How I wish I can fast forward to night of 5th December right now. Then again, I know it’s impossible. I have to cross this hurdle, and possibly three more in my academic career.

Just four more exams… Zheng Jie, you can do it.

Digress: How should everyone respond when they read this entry? I’d say, nothing. Most probably it’s past 5th December right now and I’m already as happy as a lark. It’s just that I do have times when I am really this weird/queasy/knotted-up feeling inside. This is the first time in a long while that it got this bad.

But I am feeling much better that I got everything out and I am reaching home soon.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

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