Too Much of a Good Thing

Forgot when I was exposed to the concept of tracking sites using their RSS feeds, but I do remember that the first web service that I used was Bloglines. Using an online RSS reader really simplifies things a lot. Instead of having to visit X sites daily just to see if new content is being posted, now any fresh content from those sites comes to you.

Then Google Reader launched, and being a Google fan like myself, I jumped ship almost immediately.

Since then, “reading news” has become my daily routine. Once the computer is booted, Firefox will launch with my previous session restored, and 100% of the time, Google Reader will be one of the tabs. I am currently subscribing to 92 blogs (download my OMPL file) and usually I have 150+ entries per day to read/clear.

Reading No News is Good News made me think if I should cut down the time I spend on this daily. Quote:

In fact, in a classic application of Parkinson’s Law, because RSS makes it easier to keep up on the news, the amount of news I read had expanded to fill the time I made to read it. Which means I’m probably a bit better informed than I used to be. But it also means I haven’t been getting as much actual work done as I could.

He did try breaking away from his habit and it got him more time to work. Hmm hmm… Should I consider?

Digress: Ironies of life. I wouldn’t have read his entry if I wasn’t subscribing in the first place…


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