Using Keynote ’08

Keynote '08

First time using Keynote as a presentation tool and I must say I am very satisfied with the experience. First killer feature for me is the Rehearse Slideshow feature.

Picture 1

This feature is totally useful if one is working on a presentation with a time limit. The timer on the right shows you how long you’ve rambled and allows you to hasten or lengthen the presentation based on your current performance. This view is configurable and one can arrange+resize any elements to fit his needs.

What is so cool is that this view can be used during the actual presentation too. So no more “What did I want to say in this slide?” syndrome. One can refer to his notes, get pre-empt of what is on the next slide, all in his laptop. This is a much better (and convenient) alternative compared to writing flash cards. From my personal observation, flash cards tend to make an untrained presenter tilt his head downwards, a major no-no for any kind of presentations. Although not recommended, it does look more natural when one reads off the computer screen.

Some other features I like include the ability to group of slides and collapse them within a slide.

Before... After...

This feature is so natural that it should have been included in Powerpoint years ago. Working with more than 30 slides can be a chore if one needs to scroll a long list of slides just to edit a slide. Since a presentation can usually be divided into a few main topics, the slides containing the elaboration can be grouped together. This is a superb time saver…

My only complain is that it could not export the presentation to a Powerpoint compatible format when I need it to. The feature is there, but I can never get the output file to work for some reason. This can be quite a scare, especially if one realize at last moment that one has to present from a provided PC and no where else.

Digress: Just finished my Engineering Professionalism presentation. Overall, I am quite pleased with my performance. Just that I had one friend who said that she didn’t really catch what I am saying. Hmm… Got to work on that… Using MacBook Pro for a presentation feels so natural. The use of the remote (that came with it) to control the slides just makes me feel more professional. Haha… It’s all about psychology.


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