Mugging Season

If dropping leaves are indications of autumn then what reflects nzj’s mugging season?

A) When nzj starts buying sweets and stationeries compulsively?
B) When nzj stops blogging?
C) When cyst starts forming on nzj’s middle finger?
D) When nzj wishes that he has an accommodation in school?
E) All of the above.

URGH~! First paper starts on the morning of 24 November, last paper ends on the evening of 5 December. Korea trip back logging and many other thoughts will have to wait. This is going to be another challenging semester playing the game of Catch (Up With) Me If You Can with the rest.

Stagnant page? Read past entries for year 2007 or my stream of interesting articles.

Will be back on 6 December. Watch. This. Space.

10 thoughts on “Mugging Season

  1. Man, i know exactly what you are going through now! Suffering the same fate! Well, we just got to endure through and it’s holiday! perhaps i’m slightly better than you cuase my exam starts on 26 nov and ends on 29 nov. BUT, dont think you have many essays, many reports, and many projects waiting for you huh. i do. Anyway!! A JA A JA FIGHTING!! GO GO GO!

  2. Hey~! You ain’t the only person with lots of essays, reports and projects to complete okay… I have them too unfortunately. This is not the kind of contest that I want to win, hee hee… Gambatte everyone~!

  3. hahah coz its like finally i have a break before my next 2 CAs, before the end of my CAs for this sem is over. although exams is coming.
    wanna dance lar!
    no dance v sad lor.
    yea. come next week to osch too lar :>

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