It’s not that I Forget…

I’ve always this knack about not remembering people’s name. The worst incident so far was when I struggled to call out to my classmate during tutorial. Fact is she had been in my class for two years.

From the October 2007 issue of Scientific American Mind:

Lucy? Jane? Melissa? The next time someone’s name stays frustratingly on the tip of your tongue, don’t feel bad—your brain is just doing its job. Forgetting not only helps the brain conserve energy, it also improves our short-term memory and recall of important details, according to two recent studies.

Whoo~ Apparently memory suppression helps to conserve energy and improve efficiency—and some research indicates that efficient brains think faster. In another research, it was shown that one’s strength of long-term memory and short-term memory is reversely proportionate.

So don’t be depressed if I can’t remember your name. It’s just my inner loft trying to conserve energy. Anyways, I’m sure there are lot more about you that I will never forget. Especially those that matter to me.


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