meebo + Firefox has been a great service which allows users to log in to multiple instant messenger clients all at the same time. This is a great place for whoever that needs to log in to any/all of the services when they aren’t at their own computers. meebo has just released a Firefox Add-on that allows you to have the meebo interface at the Firefox sidebar. The collapsible sidebar updates you on recent messenger activities and displays the status of each contact. Current release includes features such as:

  1. Automatically sign on when Firefox starts.
  2. Displaying alert box like that of other instant messaging service alerting you of new activities.
  3. Provides a counter at the browser status bar indicating the number of new messages.

When not in meebo tab...
Alert appears at the bottom right of the screen. Sidebar displays all new messages.

When in the meebo tab...
Meebo tab allows one to chat. Notice the redundancy in user interface.

This feels just like a beta release as the interface isn’t as polished as I’d like it to. For example:

  1. Logging in to meebo from the sidebar will open a new tab with meebo (Firefox Edition) running and this tab cannot be closed. This creates redundancy as I would expect the sidebar to be enough for all operations. Luckily the meebo team promises to work on a version where the user won’t need to keep the meebo tab open.
  2. Users have to use the buddy list in the meebo tab to add/remove buddies.
  3. The buddy list is listed plainly according to the Online/Offline status and there aren’t any options to group them.

Still, I’d look forward to future updates to this Add-on. This is one with huge potential…

Digress: Many thanks to †袁 for providing the generic chats. Haha…


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