Of Talking in Codes

There has been accounts of twins who spoke an unintelligible language that only their sibling understood. Even in the absence of the unusual social lives of twins, many people have found it relatively easy and natural to construct new languages, with lexicons either derived from pre-existing languages, or wholly imagined.

While I am not as intelligent as J. R. R. Tolkien to come up with the languages of Middle Earth, I enjoy the notion of talking in codes. It allows me to communicate to a specific group of people at conditions/environments usually not permissible. Sometimes it also allows one to protect the identity of the person being mentioned. Then again, I try not to create too much of such stuffs because:

  1. This is a display of clique-ness which may cause a group of people to break up and function as cliques instead of the group itself. People left out of the conversation may feel irritated; others (including myself sometimes) gets really worried/paranoid.
  2. In the context of a blog post, if I may quote Yixin directly, [the reader’s mind would feel] nothing but inability to connect and understand [the blog entry].

However, with all attempts to keep the keys to the code secret, sometimes the code still gets cracked. Maybe it’s blurted out accidentally, maybe the conversations were pointing to the solution too obviously, and sometimes the topic of discussion blurts its identity in some unpredictable fashion.

Alright, this is just a roundabout way of explaining to my regular readers who feels that my code-talking habit has taken on a new high frequency. I mean why am I obsessed with quoting Grey’s Anatomy? What was the $7 spent on? And the Self-Control post doesn’t seem to mean anything lar. Sometimes I just need a channel of letting out air; and most of the time I’d try to sugar coat it with politically-correctness even though I said the contrary. Therefore, the code speaking will not stop on Thoughts of a Diurnal. Haha… The ironies of life~

Random thoughts:

Since I am on the topic of talking in codes. Let me list out a few here. How many can you relate to?

  1. 跑步、跑步鞋、Stadium、天气
  2. 周杰伦、炒冷饭/面
  3. Gay、Chui、Bomb
  4. 隐形眼镜、Moody
  5. This post itself

I am predicting that my blog viewership is going to hit a new high pretty soon. The highest so far is 266 page hits in a single day. What could the new maximum hit be? Hmm hmm…


20 thoughts on “Of Talking in Codes

  1. damn.this post looks so familiar. de jevu!? and damn. i dont know if i’m too smart or what. I CAN RELATE THOSE CODES TO…… he he he! ( supposed to be an evil laugh, with me cuo-ing the hair on my mole on the right side of my face)

  2. lOl! can understand la. for me, not concerned at all if others can understand or no, cos’ dont want them to in the first place. some things are best left unsaid. or to be exact, spoken in between the lines =)

    and why do you want so many hits?!!

  3. Well said rainbfly~! My only fear is when people try to “pry open the lines”. Because talking in codes does give people the chance to interpret the message in the wrong way. Then the more they guess, the more wrong it becomes…
    And… It’s not that I yearn for more hits. But I’d just like to welcome all visitors with open arms~!

  4. HA! I know who you are too! Mr/Ms HL! dont think you are the only kiang one here. So are this xiaxue-to-be and I! he he he! ( once again, an evil laugh, with me cuo-ing the hair on my mole on the right side of my face )

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