All Photos Uploaded~!

Phew… Finally managed to get all photos taken throughout the 12 day Gyeongju trip uploaded. Amounting to 2600+ photos taken from 5 cameras, here are all the albums lined up in chronological order.


Great memories~!


3 thoughts on “All Photos Uploaded~!

  1. Indeed they are great memories. Did you realise that the ajashi, refering to gyeongju day 11, looks like some legendary character in some chinese novel ie HONG HAI ER. hehe.

  2. JOANNAGOH88, it’s sweet of you too to give me such a nickname. I shall write it down in my jotterbook of nicknames given by my dance friends.
    And while I don’t see the link between Ajashi and Hong Hai Er, I think I shall see album 11 having the most clicks for the coming few days. Haha… And you look really hilarious with the toothbrush; which also happens to be in day 11 too.

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