Sunday Morning

My peaceful Sunday morning has just been destroyed by someone who is showing care and concern the wrong way. It’s something that we see in Singapore drama series quite frequently: Gal hounds/nags/reprimands guy for not doing something that is for his own good. And the nagging goes on and on and on…

I am totally not against the action of showing love. But there’s got to be a much better way of communication. If nagging doesn’t work, then it’s obvious that the person is one that 吃软不吃硬. Why continue using the same method when there are better alternatives?

Worse still, nagging falls under the category of making noise. I’m affected even though I am not the one being nagged at over the phone. Why am I wearing my in-ear earpiece when I am not listening to anything?

Have recently been impressed by one that does communication the right way.


Memorable quote. One that I’d remember for the rest of my life.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. Heh.. The quote is coded for fear of 人言可畏. Only those who are involved will know. Then again, sometimes the message is so coded that even those that are involved might not know. Hur hur~

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