Celebrity Treatment

[Back to Gyeongju, this time Day 06]

URGH~! A day with two performance runs. I know I shouldn’t be complaining since I was already told to expect that before coming over. But I have definitely underestimated the sian-ness of having to perform the same items for this many times. Luckily the day started well with a great breakfast.


Multiple make up application and lack of proper cleansing has finally make its mark on my face. Rashes started to form at the cheek bone area and this got me worried. I thought my face is 百毒不侵! I quickly referred my face to the subject-matter experts: the gals. Luckily they suggested several solutions at once and promised to pass me the medicine on the night itself. Phew~ You can say 因祸得福 as because of my rashes, I no longer need to do full make up for fear of further worsening the rashes. Phew*2~

Then performance time. And for today, we had to appear after our performance for the public to take photos with us. It’s the same for the evening show and I’ve lumped the photos together. It’s weird having so many cameras pointing at you at the same time. You wouldn’t know where to look at and sometimes I just wish I have a plastic retainer for my lips/face so that I’d remain smiling without using any muscle. Ah~ The life of a performer is just not for me…


Meals are great as usual. I have no complains generally because I basically eat everything. The variety I get here is definitely something I’d miss when I get back to Singapore.





Reviewing the photos, I realize that it is indeed more interesting to go sightseeing as compared to shopping. Our free time in the afternoon was just spent shopping at downtown area.


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