Gmail Capacity Grows Faster

Gmail has announced that they are going to increase the rate at which they add storage to each Gmail account. According to one estimate, the free storage per account will be:

  1. 2912MB by October 11, 2007 midnight Google time
  2. 4.2GB by the 23rd this month
  3. 6GB by January 4th next year
  4. 42GB by the year of 2038
  5. and 2.70266701 × 1072 TB by 1/2/3456 7:00

Anyone has idea of what to do with 42GB by the year of 2038? I’d be 54 years old by then. Hmm…

*Note: I am already a user of the paid storage program and have already a 8.8GB storage space of which I’ve already used 3.3GB. Luckily the paid storage can be shared with Picasa which I have been using to store and share my recent Korea trip photos.

2 thoughts on “Gmail Capacity Grows Faster

  1. But I need the extra storage to handle my huge amount of pictures that I want to share with friends. I could have multiple Picasa accounts or upload it to different free services. But that’s too much hassle for me and I’d rather pay a little for the convenience I get in exchange.

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