Another NUSSU Mail That I Read

This is an update to the S/U policy change that was initiated and push forth by NUSSU.

… I am glad to update you that the NUS Senate has approved our proposal, the new S/U Option policy will be in force from this semester.

  1. Starting from academic year 07/08, all undergraduates, including graduating students, will only be required to exercise their S/U options after the release of the examination results. This is a change from the current system, where all S/U options are to be exercised by week 6 of the semester.
  2. There will be a one-off exercise for all undergraduates (excluding the students who matriculated in AY2007/08) to retract any previous S/U declarations. All undergraduates will be able to view the results of previously S/U-ed modules and decide whether to re-instate the grades for computation into the CAP. Participation in this exercise is strictly voluntary. This exercise will be conducted online at end October / beginning November 2007. More details will be released at a later date.

Great news for all of us seniors. Now it’s time to pray that I scored As for all the modules that I’ve S/U-ed.

Other details from the mail:

The NUSSU Executive Committee is aware that not all students are completely happy with the new S/U option policy. In particular, some of you have indicated that the one-off exercise should also allow for students to re-apply their S/U options to previously un-S/U-ed modules as well.

The Union did initially include this point in our proposal to the Board of Undergraduate Studies and the UCEP. However, after further discussions with the UCEP, we came to an agreement that such a system would not be fair for the freshmen students. Freshmen students, who could only exercise their S/U option at the end of each semester, would not have the same advantage as the senior students of reviewing all their grades from a number of semesters before making a decision on which module to S/U.

Furthermore, the objective of the S/U policy is to encourage students to explore areas of interest that lie outside their own major without worrying too much about affecting their CAP negatively. The Union together with the UCEP agree that many will declare S/U on their 3 worst grades should they be given such an opportunity. This is not what the policy should stand for.

The one-off exercise will ensure that in-flight students who had earlier exercised their S/U options will not be disadvantaged when compared with their peers who have not. This exercise also restricts the advantage the senior students have over the freshmen students.

The extensive survey and forum posts that we had collated indicated to us that a large section of the student population wanted the previous S/U option policy to be revised to a fairer one. We had left no stone unturned in the brainstorming process of possible alternatives. This final outcome is truly the one feasible option that not only balances the majority interests of both freshmen and senior undergraduates, but also accounts for the initial objective of the S/U option policy.

I would say that I am pretty impressed with this arrangement. I can sense that the arrangement is well though through and it does attempt to be fair to the whole student body. Great work, 29th NUSSU Council~!

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