Great Medical Innovation

Just read about this device via Gadget Lab. Known as Mechanical Advantage Tourniquet (MAT), this gadget stops blood flow in less than 10 seconds while using only one hand. Direct quote:

The MAT’s one-handed, four-step function is simple to use, even for regular people in emergency situations and with limited training. You’re supposed to grip the MAT to the appendage, secure it with a tension lock buckle like a belt, pull the strap, and then dial the turnkey to tighten it and stop the blood flow. Most of the MAT is made out of acetal (with nylon), fits appendages from 4″ diameter forearm to a 36″ circumference thigh, and weighs less than 4oz. It’s also only about $35, so it won’t break the financial back of any of the medical industries that should use this latest life-saving gadget.

If you want to know more about the MAT, you can check out the designer’s site right here, and the Cybertech site here.


Quite a source of inspiration and encouragement for the Bioengineering design project that I am working on now.


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