Korean Students and Bruce Lee

Day four~! The ladies decided that they need another go practicing on the stage and we proceeded to the performance venue few hours earlier than the scheduled performance time.

The past few days have been much warmer than what I was told to expect. After much considerations, I decided to go on the autumn streets of Korea in sleeveless! Hee hee… The cool air was just that little cold (I was having goose pimples) but really refreshing.

Then it’s time for another performance run. Then lunch back at the wet market. It’s the first time we get to observe the wet market in the day. Seems just like Singapore’s pasar, the only difference is that their goods are placed on the floor.

Weird lunch item found at the lunch place: Reticulum of a Ruminant. No price for guessing correctly what it is because I don’t know still. I didn’t have any courage to try what it taste like too. Other than that, I realize that I have been eating more and more over the past few days. Hur hur~

Then it’s time to shop at Downtown Gyeongju. We’ve been noticing that almost all students have their hairstyle cut to that of Bruce Lee. Asked if it’s a school regulation of sorts but surprise surprise… NO~! Apparently this is the most fashionable hairstyle currently in Korea!

Then it’s time for performance again~! Urgh~! Kind of dislike the emotional roller coaster: High on shopping and fun in one moment, then low on knowing that it’s time for the tiring performance again. And my legs were quite tired from all the walking already. Grrr~

Dinner came after performance. Back to the downtown area~!

Had the chance to explore the downtown area again. The night scene is rather different. The streets are buzzing with activity and the roads are actually more packed with cars.

Night fall. Got down to the 24 hour minimart with LengZai after washing up for supper. Must try out the Korean instant noodle since it’s said to be quite nice. A Korean couple sitting beside us actually offered us their kimchi while we are munching away. So friendly~!

Random thoughts:

  1. Suddenly recall an article which I read before when I was preparing a speech about individuality during RI times. It’s said that Korean schools have the culture of having students conform to a certain template. Individuality/differences is not tolerated at all… This totally explains their uniform looks/style.
  2. My female dancers attempted to look for handsome Korean guys to take photos with but failed.
  3. I look great in the last photo right? Actually I was in RI shorts. It’s so important to hide ugly details when taking photos. Haha…

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