I’ve Lost Track of What Day it was by Day 3

Yikes~! Woke up too late this morning and I had to rushed through my breakfast. Not a good start for a day. Drizzle turned into downpour and I regretted not brining my nicer jacket which I can take photo in. Chaos ensue after much discussion and everybody just lost their mood to perform.

Lucky for me, lunch was back at the nice lunch area we visited the other day. We were spared some time to hang around the area and I finally spent some Korean Won.

More free time was given for us to explore the Expo area and we tried our best to explore the maximum area in the minimum amount of time.

Second performance was surprisingly not so tiring~! Is it because I know that a Korean TV station, MBC is at the venue filming our performance? I do not know! Haha…

Dinner was great~! A buffet with a even larger variety near Jungang Market.

We were once again spared some time to shop around the wet market. Felt so glad that I have the chance to take some pictures more closely related to the actual lifestyles of the citizens.

Random thoughts:

  1. Today is what day HAR?
  2. Vocal people provide very valuable feedback; but it’d be nice if the feedback is given without any negative energies. Silent people provide the silence to the almost-spoilt broth; but it’d be nice if the silence is given without any “black face”.
  3. Male Koreans are really M.C.P.s.
  4. It takes a really long time to dry laundry in the hotel room.
  5. I was jokingly explaining why Koreans like to push people to get their way. Maybe it’s their way of being polite! Just like how we like to say “Excuse me.” Haha…

3 thoughts on “I’ve Lost Track of What Day it was by Day 3

  1. Da Tou !!!! i’m miss K A N G. not J A N G ! ^^
    photos are goooood lah!
    I should have taken pictures with u more and more ..
    I saw the pictures when you guys were hanging out at night , and eating noodle,,,
    why didn’t you take me … I was always hungry at night for 10 days,,
    sob sob …. T_T ^^
    anyway ~ I’m really happy to see the photos!
    it’s already 3 : 30 am .. oh my god,,, i gotta go to sleep~
    tomorrow is your test, right? fighting da tou !!!!
    tell me about your test tmr in msn ! ^^ see ya ~

  2. actually i thought the Korean guys are depicted quite gentlemen-ly on TV shows. it’s only via first hand experience that I get to see their true self.
    to miss jang kang, i can’t ask you out for supper~! cos Fen will only kill me if he finds out. Oops~ Hee hee hee…

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