Yoz peeps, am finally back in Singapore. Here’s one final picture taken in Incheon International Airport before I flew.

It’s some free photo taking plus printing service available at the airport which we discovered at the last minute. So a couple of us got to the station and got our photos printed. Only to realize that we are the last passengers to board the plane when we got to the boarding gate… Oops~

So what happened from day three onwards? Will probably blog about them if I can find the time. Meanwhile, check out the photo albums below:

Gyeongju Day 03

Gyeongju Day 04

Gyeongju Day 05

Gyeongju Day 06

Photos from other days will probably come in much later. At least after I’ve finished collating all photos from the pool of cameras. Shocked to see that it’s already 1am right now. I better sleep and get ready for my late entry to the second half of the academic battle.


10 thoughts on “Back~!

  1. hey~! it’s nzj’s blog that you are reading… not the gal whom i believe will be high on the attention generated if she does read this entry…

  2. but why so? railway tracks on granny and grand-dads are fine. not so much for mr twenty-three-year-old-nzj… it seems to make my already minuscule eyes even smaller. hur hur~

  3. make urself more conspicuous nxt time….. hahaha…… maybe u can cross-dress to seek attention…. (well… this suggestion is for u only…. not applicable to anyone else… just in case u wanna refer back to me again… have to get my ass covered….)

  4. yeah. you do look great in photos. ur 五官曼立挺的。but why the koreans sch girls hair style so …. cock. lol. and lots of girls hugging u in the photos ah… hahaha. just waiting for this day. :p

  5. Oh ya… Dude, you should consider using another name when you leave a comment in my blog. Yours always get identified as comment spam for some reason.

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