Another art form to perfect in order to become a better person.

Have always thought that it is of ultimate importance to have ultimate self control and control of the situation at all times. As such, my confidence gets shaken very easily when events develop in ways that I have never predicted. Worse still, my inconfidence just builds up till uncontrollable proportions with time. Then all emotions display upon my face/actions/attitude.

Suddenly am reminded of my Rafflesian batch song “Hand in Hand” with the lyrics:

Hand in hand (Breaking down the walls between us)
Hand in Hand (Breaking down the walls)

Will I ever break the (safety) wall that was once again erected? Maybe… Maybe not… Guess what’s important is to treasure and focus on the present and not too much on the future. Maybe it’s also primetime to think less about myself and more about others.

Tonight, peacefully sleep, I shall.


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