First Performance Day

To the tune of “Good Morning Baltimore”, Good Morning Gyeongju-mall (rhyming for the sake of rhyming, hee hee hee)! Rushed to the computer lab to upload the photos and had my first good meal for the trip.


Then it’s time to pack up and apply make up before we go down to the venue. Disaster number one: 蜡笔小新-like eyebrow. Luckily got Bui Bui to initiate 拯救政杰大作战 on our 20 minutes bus ride down. Phew~


First performance was… T.I.R.I.N.G. We then had celebrity treatment at the end of the show. Posing for the audience to take photos to take with. 原来专业舞蹈员的日子是这么过的。Then watched B-Boy-cum-Martial-Arts performance from Korea and they are superb~! The TaeKwonDo guys did kicks and jumps that are so perfect~!!! Suddenly miss my TaeKwonDo days… And the performance was so good that my confidence on the performance we have dropped. It’s the first time I am not as proud as my performance. Hmm…


Then it was time for lunch. Much a better meal and it is as colorful as was my dinner.


Then it was the second run of the performance for the day. And it was still T.I.R.I.N.G. Grr… Time to generate excuses to explain the tiredness. I could come out with:

  1. Poor lighting,
  2. Weather,
  3. It was the second run of the day…

Am sure more will come soon. Haha…Dinner was at the same place as the night before to everybody’s horror. But the dinner seemed better probably because we reached early, and the food prepared was fresher and the dining area free of weird smell. It was another colorful meal and I decided to take a picture of my every future meals.


Guess we are all used to having TV sets in tour buses. But Korea has Plasma TV screening HD music videos~! The bus driver played some clips of a Korean singer on our way back to the hotel.


And the day is over…Random thoughts:

  1. KL has most of their sewage pipes open because of the high theft rate for their stainless steel(?).

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