And so it Begins

8pm at Changi Airport! Quite surprised that my parents offered to fetch me to the airport. They must have seen my larger than usual load for this trip… For some particular reason, there were many of us who decided that white is the new black. Time for some warm up shots…


Dupper (i.e., dinner + supper) was at Burger King after we have checked in our luggage. Then suddenly it’s time for us to board the plane and we didn’t have time to take our group photo meant for our sponsor. *Oops*


First time on board Korean Air and I must say that I am quite impressed with the service. Am suppose to sleep so that I won’t be tired when my flight lands but I simply couldn’t! Breakfast came after much tossing and turning and I chose the safer omelette. The other one just seemed too complicated since it came with instructions.


Landed loh~! Interesting thing found at the airport. The airport uses the fact that people will be looking out for luggage at the collection belt and therefore they pasted a notice on a luggage and placed it on the belt together with other luggage. Smart~! Time for product placement…


Finally we are all excited and here comes the first splash of cold water. The volunteer was late for 3 hours. Having so much time to burn at the airport, we had really much time to explore the airport and/or do weird things…


Then comes the 4 hour journey to Gyeongju with 2 pit stops. Booted up my MacBook Pro. Having long battery life rocks~! Blasted songs from my iTunes library for half of the 4 hour journey…


Finally reached our hotel~! It was already 4pm when it’s time for lunch(!?). Explaining that since we’d be having dinner at 6pm, the volunteer brought us the MacDonalds. Hmm… What a un-Korea first meal… Then we were brought to the performance venue. The audience for a performance that was on going was Wow… Are we gonna perform for that many people for each performance?


Dinner, in buffet format, was Bleah for many of us. Partly due to the presentation and mixture of smell when we entered the restaurant. But hey, at least my food looks good in photo. So vibrant and colorful!


Then nothing much le. It’s back to hotel, briefing for our next day, and I slept at 11+.Random thoughts:

  1. The guys used to be quite touchy on the topic of staying with Laoshi. I drew the short straw, not. I chose to stay in the same room. But actually Laoshi is just like any other guy.
  2. One can plan all one can, but what’s the use of all the paper talk if it’s not being implemented in the end?

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