Preparing Still…

Fellow Performers!

Presenting to you, the Gyeongju Performance Team. Too lazy right now to name them one by one… Haha..

Decided to repack my stuffs after realizing that I may not have much space to bring back the goodies from Gyeongju (which I hope I will have time for). Will snap a photo of 无名二 when I have the chance. Got all the stuffs that I need packed, except for my jack knife. 😦 Forgot to remove it from my Full Pack after the last recall manning. Guess will do without it this time…

Also spent some time in unloading files from my MacBook Pro into my desktop. This will ensure that I have enough hard disk space for gazillion photos which I will be collecting from various cameras. Hopefully the rumor that Korea has super fast Internet is true and I will be able to upload all on my Picasa online album.

Incidentally I am trying to check for flight details via Changi Airport’s official website. The home page loads really really slow…


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