Random Screen Shot

Picture 2

Okay so I am very distracted when I am studying for my Stare of Medusa and so I am gonna blog on just a screen shot of my MacBook Pro. It’s amazing how much that can be analyzed from just this picture I realized.

  1. In the background is my textbook Biological Thermodynamics in PDF format which I am crunching through now. Too poor to buy the physical copy and it’s not really worth the money spent since it’s going to last for half a semester only.
  2. Mac users may realize that I am running Parallels. There are certain applications which I think only works in Windows and they are Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Writer. There is just no software with comparable features available on the Mac platform sadly.
  3. On the top layer, more interesting details are:
  1. I have a widget tracking my latest purchase from Amazon (considered to be quite a deal since I got it at ~60% off excluding shipping fees).
  2. A widget to track the release dates of my favorite shows. Look at the huge list; I think it’s impossible to watch all of them with my crazy schedule.
  3. A widget to track the weather in Gyeongju, Korea. More about this when I have the time but generally the temperature is approximately eight degree Celsius down that of Singapore. Cool~!
  4. And my hard disk has only 4.77GB left. 😦

2 thoughts on “Random Screen Shot

  1. Bingo! Ever since Apple ported their hardware to use Intel processors, it has become even more possible to run Windows on top of Mac OS X, aka virtualization. Experience is considered smooth on my computer with 2GB of RAM; will double that to 4GB once the price of RAM drops to my acceptable price. 😀

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