New S/U Policy

The S/U or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Policy is available in  NUS for the purpose of letting students grade their module based on a Pass/Fail basis instead of the usual A/B/C/D/F grades. The system used to require students decide if they want to S/U their module before the results are released. But from the batch of undergraduates this year, they may exercise this option after they get to see their results.

For some reason, this option was decided by the school administration to be made unavailable to other undergraduates who matriculated batches earlier.

This just came in my inbox:

After the submission of our policy recommendations, we presented our case again to the University Committee of Educational Policy (UCEP). I am pleased to announce the outcome of our meeting.

UCEP has agreed to accept the essence of NUSSU EXCO’s recommendations. Subject to the final approval of the NUS Senate, both freshmen and seniors will now come under a new S/U policy. This policy will allow for:

  • All undergraduates, regardless of cohort, to exercise S/U options after the release of results. This includes those in their graduating semester
  • A one-off exercise where seniors will be able to see the grades of their previously exercised SU options under the old policy and retract them for use for modules you are currently pursuing or intend to pursue under the new policy

Wow… For the first time, I am actually glad to have NUSSU around. This actually shows that the school admin actually do consider students’ feedback.

Now if only the public has more say with regards to various price hikes that has been happening in Singapore… So far it has just been a one-way traffic.


5 thoughts on “New S/U Policy

  1. Hey I agree! Was so shocked when I received this email, never thought that the school would accept NUSSU’s policy!Ha, but hopefully those modules I S/Ued did okay.

  2. growls. i never S/U-ed my modules. even though i was taking 2 history mods with half the class history majors. which was grades suicide but well. RARRR.

  3. no idea… just dont like using S/U on the 2 mods – akin to giving up on the modules which i like which doesn’t make sense. in my world. hahahaha.

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