Another Random Picture

Photo 170

My self obsession has hit a new high. Haha… This is me in the middle of a lab taken when I am waiting for my readings. Finally a moment when I can slack officially~! This is unbelievable for me since my last lab session was one of the most mismanaged lab I ever had. Pardon me while I whine…

First was the time management. The lab has already been conducted twice before my turn and the lab assistant got to know that there is not enough time to complete all the readings required in the lab manual. But he went on ahead to ask all of us to do as stated in the manual, and caused us to have not enough time to do an equal number of readings for our last set of samples! Apparently this idiotic mistake in time management goes on even for lab sessions after mine!

Then comes emotions management. As if we were the ones directing the lab session, the lab assistant displayed his displeasure when we did not manage to finish all our readings! Argh~! Who was the one who only allowed us to do the last set of readings so late?! And no surprise at all, this idiot lab assistant flared up in the subsequent sessions. What an a*s*o*e.


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