Distractions in Life

Quote of the day:

“Have you ever known people who have to turn on a TV or a radio the moment they enter a room, or can’t stand to do work without some sound on? These are people who are desperately afraid of confronting some truth about themselves, so they try to drown it out with constant distractions.”

Via Lifehacker. This echoes with my observation that there are just some people who are worried or just dislike the idea of having meals alone. Seems that some of us are always on a constant search for distraction…


7 thoughts on “Distractions in Life

  1. haha… the art of self-entertainment =)

    i’m actually quite happy to be a solitary soul; perhaps just not one time too many =) a book at mealtime’s great company too! (or i’d just fall asleep chewing on food – it’s that boring.)

  2. huh… you mean it’s not possible? i will if i’m not entertained. cos’ its monotonous… chew..chew..slurp..chew..chew.. my jaws will get tired. it happens especially when i’m eating meat stuffies. i.e. hard to chew.

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