Problem I Face Everyday


That was a rhetorical question my mother asked me. I already know what is the ONLY correct answer. I am having a ten o’clock class later today, but will need to reach school slightly earlier to have all my notes for the week printed.

But because of my family, I will have to wake up at freaking 6 am. Even asking for everybody to sacrifice fifteen minutes of their sleep (i.e., a 6:15-6:45-7:15 am arrangement) so that I can wake up at 7:15 am is impossible. My appeal was rejected right in my face.

I don’t understand why I ALWAYS have to be the one waking up at some unrealistic timing (almost EVERYDAY) just because I am (perceived to be?) a person who does not need as much sleep as my family members or just because I am the eldest son. I am freaking-ly waking up FOUR HOURS before my first class!!! Is there no one who can see a glaring problem with the arrangement?!

I am so regretting not able to get myself to stay in school campus or just anywhere else.

Honestly, I didn’t plan to blog at all tonight. But apparently the frustration is enough for me to overcome my tiredness and look for an outlet to release the up-building stress.



5 thoughts on “Problem I Face Everyday

  1. erm… good question which I myself would like to know too. it’s probably because i never complain much about having to accommodate everybody else timing or i never whine about not getting enough sleep. grr… usually i am okay with any arrangement, just that it’s been taxing these few days and i appreciate any additional amount of time i get to sleep…

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