First Test of the Semester

Gonna have my first test of the semester in 11 hours time and I have yet to start any form of revision. Realizing how little time I would have after rehearsal, I had so much inertia to travel down to Tanjong Pagar for dance rehearsal this evening. Waiting for the bus at the rush hour definitely did not help. Every time I spent waiting just gets my blood boiling.

Luckily I was able to leave the rehearsal on time and finally got my butt seated at my desk. Ok, time to get serious.


Popped a pill of Ginko for mental boost (and psychological effects) followed by launching Channel nzj. Got my notes out, refilled my water bottle. Basically do anything that can get myself psyched-up.


Still fooling around. Here is me and my band of brothers.

Colorful Pens


Feeling cold. Progress slow… Crystalline polymers can actually have applications in the orthopedic field! Hydroxyapatite is a ceramic that has applications in the dental and orthopedic field…

Me and Ee-Oh


Osseointegrated implants are a variety of devices designed to replace load-bearing biological structures that bond with bone at a chemical level, functionally and structurally…


Differentiated between a number of terms:

  1. When bioinert materials are implanted, they will not interact with the surrounding tissues.
  2. When bioactive materials are implanted, they can bond to bone directly or through an apatite layer.
  3. When biodegradable materials are implanted, after some time the materials will degrade and new tissues are formed.
  4. When biocompatible materials are implanted, they will perform as according to their intended purposes. They can be bioinert, bioactive and/or biodegradable.



4 thoughts on “First Test of the Semester

  1. test over… another coming up during the performance week. why is this semester so jam packed. I surprised myself when I realize that I am actually studying in week 3. didn’t it used to be during mid-semester break? Grrr…

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