All for One

As seen in the final number for High School Musical 2:

Have been blasting this particular sound track in my iPod. Quite an suitable song to accompany me on my walk to the train station every morning. At least it makes me awake despite having only 5 hours of sleep. This song brings back memories particularly because the title and the dance scene reminds me of:

  1. The “One for all; all for one” cheer in RI
    Days in RI are just so good~ Probably one of the places where I got myself very prepared for future life events. The orientation is so intense that other future orientations (including SAF’s) seemed lame. And the concept of “one for all; all for one” really got drilled into us; there was a period of time when we do the cheer almost every morning during assembly.
  2. The mass dances in HCJC
    Probably I already liked dancing ever since JC times. Watching this reminds me of how I enjoyed doing mass dance. It fun when one is in it; and it looks great when one is just watching.

And so the venue for NUS Arts Festival next year is settled to be in UCC Dance Studio for now. I am suppose to be one of the choreographer but have totally no idea how is that going to happen with my limited vocabulary gained over these two years. Sometimes I have so much difficulty learning myself; how to teach liddat?

Choreography aside, I’ve already have some ideas/considerations for the implementation of the performance:

  1. Having a platform in the centre of the room and have the audience seat round the stage. This will add an additional dimension to the normal stage one sees in performances. This can bring interesting experiments into the performance but also significantly increase the difficulty in choreography.
  2. Design the dance mats of the whole dance studio using some tapes so that the audience will have a visual impact once they enter the dance studio. The “inscriptions” will clearly tell the audience where they can seat, where the stage is, and the design can even tie in with the theme of the performance.
  3. Lighting is extremely limited in a bare dance studio. How about mounting multiple projectors to provide lighting? The projected images can even be designed such that they interact with the dancers in some interesting forms… Limitations include finding locations for mounting projectors and shadows casted by the dancers. Hmm…

Then again, I shouldn’t think so much for the moment. Better concentrate on my upcoming performances which are each 2 weeks apart. Hopefully I can juggle them all with my academic work. Hopefully~


2 thoughts on “All for One

  1. 😐 Don’t be too humble. Our item will depend on you and Xuefen le. Wahaha~ I’m more interested in the “technical” side of the performance. Hee hee hee…

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