Ten Years and Counting

The Intelligent People Syndicate gathered once again for a night out for the last time (and my first time ever since one of us came back to Singapore) before we all drown in our own pool of work. This time round the participants include a bioengineer (myself), businessman (Wilson), life science scientist (Johnson), pharmacist (Bing Xun) and a mechanical engineer (Yuan Kang).

Say cheese~

We met pretty late at around 11pm. Luckily we had a vehicle to navigate around Singapore. I was fiddling with the GPS feature of Nokia N95 while on the car and it did not work at all. Either the feature is not working or I am too impatient to wait for more than 1min to obtain my GPS coordinates. Grrr~

Was already 6am the next day by the time I got to sleep. Hur hur~

The stuffs that we discussed/did (and my aging brain still remember):

  1. Odex suing people who have ISP records of them downloading Japanese anime which Odex has the distributing rights in Singapore. We were wondering the validity of tracking people down using their IP address since there is a case in the US where this method is proven to be inaccurate in capturing the right people.

  2. Johnson updated us about a list of carcinogenic food we consume daily. Top on the list is black pepper~! Other shocking item is broccoli. 😦 Our conclusion? Just continue eating… Though I might second guess my choice of black pepper [insert meat here] in restaurants next time.

  3. Truth or just pure urban legend: an exotic Japanese restaurant which serves “specially ingested food”. Apparently Wilson has already heard of it from his primary teacher. And his included even more details such as a “fried” variety of the dish.

  4. Three times a charm~! Walk in pairs~! One man down~!

  5. MacDonalds at Kallang is the only MacDonalds branch with power points. Great place for studying if one is using laptop. And MacDonalds really serve breakfast at 4am; We bought ours at 4am sharp.

I think it’s time for me to research on more 24-hour operating venues in Singapore for our future gatherings. We had some trouble thinking of places to visit after our supper at the famous soya bean house. Hmm…

9 thoughts on “Ten Years and Counting

  1. Then I wonder why they even bother having this feature in the phone since it’s sooooo crippled. And apparently using the GPS function eats up the battery life very much faster. Ah… The magic of broken consumer technology.

  2. lol… u forgot to talk abt the “Supermarket” stroll we took after the tau huay session… anyway, things that are supposedly good for the body (apples/oranges) are thought to be carcinogenic as well… we’ll just evolve eventually to cope with that… afterall, humans wouldn’t look human 10,000 years later? :X stay kewl!~!

  3. Nope I did not! Read carefully and you’d realize that it’s in the list. How can I miss such an important thing out? Hee hee hee… And apples/oranges?! I think something is wrong with some experiments somewhere man… I wonder if they used fruit/vegetable juices with concentrates so high that the natural acids just burn the tissues away.. Hur hur~

  4. liew…someone had to take one for the team right? ahahahaaa….next time i’m gonna wear long sleeves, IF there’s a next time…i tink the trauma is enough to last me quite some time. hur hur….i’m still unconvinced broccoli is carcinogenic, although i dun really care, coz i HATE broccoli. haha…usually stuff that i hate is good for me. so…..by wilson’s logic…i guess it’s fine =p

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