Overcoming Post-Lunch Sleepiness

Ah… I always have to struggle with keeping awake during lectures/tutorials; especially those that are right after the lunch breaks in the day. Finally a solution and explanation is explained by New York Times:

Q. What is happening in the body that it craves rest after lunch?
A. First, the 24-hour cycle of the body, or its circadian rhythm, is naturally in a resting phase at this time. In the afternoon, it happens to converge with another physiological cycle—known as homeostatic—that measures the amount of time spent awake and that is also pushing for a rest.
Add the effects of food, which can also induce drowsiness, and an overpowering desire to sleep may result.

What’s the best way for one to overcome the urge to nap after lunch?

Unsurprisingly, to take a short nap. Also, ditch the caffeine shot to get the awakening boost. It can affect your ability to get to sleep that evening. Instead:

Simply get up and move around the room. If you need to talk to a colleague at another desk, this could be the ideal time. It also helps to arise at the same time every morning, Dr. Dinges said. He has found that getting up earlier than usual—even as little as a half-hour earlier—magnifies drowsiness in the afternoon.

Now if only they provide a solution to not sleeping during my morning lectures/tutorials…


7 thoughts on “Overcoming Post-Lunch Sleepiness

  1. No. The smart one just skips lessons and sleeps on his comfortable bed in the winter cold back in his apartment. Lessons? What lessons? I am a tourist.


  2. HAHAHA… Enjoy your days as a tourist then. Don’t come back and regret that you didn’t play hard enough there. Still gonna sky dive or bungee or both?

  3. Nah, the adrenalin rush wore off and I am chickening out. I am gonna freeze my toilet floor and ski in my toilet instead.

    Anyways not enjoying much at the moment cos of the lack of good company. Traveling alone gets boring after the novelty wears off. Please fly over and join me for a holiday. Then maybe we can go jump together. You jump, I jump.

    Haha. Cheers!

  4. other than putting the toothpicks, the good suggestion as mentioned in the article is to make use of the time to move around desks, to finish the small chats, works etc.. if possible we can time the nap and take a short one of ten minutes, which can rejuvenate one for the rest of the day

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