Top Posts for Month of July

Latest thingy that I am making as a regular activity for this blog. At the end of every month, I’d list the top posts that have garnered the highest amount of page views. This serves as a popularity log and a method to expose older posts within the blog.

Below are the top posts for July 2007:

Missing System Icons in Windows Vista
Contains a fix to an annoying bug, i.e. missing system tray icons, found in Windows Vista.
Pre-Birthday “Thingy”
Pre-birthday celebration with my friends. Contains a display of what is meant by “rubber face”.
Twenty Three
Hors de Prix (Priceless)
Review of the French movie featuring one of my favorite actress.

6 thoughts on “Top Posts for Month of July

  1. Haha… I thought I might as well log all these down since I am also using this site as an experiment on search engine optimization. I also spent some time tweaking the site somemore here and there…

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