Pre-Birthday "Thingy"

Rehearsal for some upcoming performance, and I mean 28th July by “upcoming”, was canceled at the last minute. And it calls for some last minute celebrations too! I called it my Pre-Birthday Thingy and held it at Ichiban Boshi, Suntec City (previous coverage). Was considered a great night as we finally had a break from any forms of dance rehearsal.

Attendees! From left: Stephen, Xiaoyun, Ah Liang (camera contributor), Hui Zhi, Cing Zing, Me and Sophia. Poor Stephen had to leave early for rehearsal. And we actually got him back after he has left the restaurant for a minute to have this picture taken. Haha…

The food was quite good. So good that no one took photos of them all. Haha… All of us were quite full at the end of the dinner. Having some spare energy to burn, we started doing weird stuffs:

Ah Liang and Hui Zhi playing some role reversal; me traumatizing Cing Zing; Ah Liang becomes the SalmonMan!

What meal is complete without dessert? We then popped over to TCC at Millennia Walk. I got a mini-surprised as the folks returned from their “toilet break” with balloons and candles and chocolate cake cookies. Wow…

We then attacked the dessert dishes like locusts. Now you see it…

… now you don’t.

The food I had for the day was seriously enough to make me want to eat less for lunch on the next day. Haha… Great night once again~:D

Warning: NSFO (Not Safe For Office) picture ahead. And it’s a close to 1Mb load…

Back to the Ichiban Boshi restaurant and our state of high energy. So someone happen to suggest to Hui Zhi to do a 十六连拍. We ended up taking thirty shots instead. Here are the sixteen better shots composed into a continuous animation. Hee hee hee….


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