"Can Your Wishlist Be Cheaper?"

I believe my friend was referring to my Needs vs Wants list. The poor girl must have been really stressed by the things that I have listed below. Those cheaper items have (unfortunately?) already been strike out by yours truly.

Actually the list is more of a list of things I want to achieve myself. I have been maintaining such a list internally and this is just the “physical” manifestation. Moreover, it serve as a test bed to see if I really need/want the item at all. I could wait five years before I own my first iPod; I’ve converted people to Macs even before I own one myself; I’ve waited a long time before I got my bookcase too.

I don’t really need some things immediately. But I do from time to time fantasize about owing one. Like the camera: I think I need it because I believe I am losing some precious memories due to ageing; I can’t remember all details like I use to. Photos can at least record my life stream in a semi-permanent state* so that I can at least review them when I want to many years down the road.

And the sense of achievement from gaining the item finally is priceless. Imagine planning for something for years! Striking the item out mentally and “physically” is part of the shiok-ness too.


*Semi-permanent because hard disks crashes and photos fade.


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