Surviving in an Office

This working experience has been different from the rest. It’s not as smooth sailing as my previous stay but I do gain some insight.

  1. It’s important to understand one’s job scope and the culture of the department/company before signing on the dotted line.
  2. I hate being unproductive. I hit many brick walls while on the job this time as I am not trained in the tasks that I am being assigned to. I know I should not always work within my comfort zone, but there is this very high inertia for my to go attempt do improve my theoretical knowledge on communications engineering.
  3. I get bored very easily. I should look for jobs that can give me variety. Long projects kills my interest easily.
  4. It’s sadly important to not offend any secretary. All secretaries coalesce together to form one gossip information exchanging body. In such, any urban story from one department gets around the company real quickly. They are so powerful that they are assigned a Administrative Professionals’ Day.

Luckily I am currently working in an engineering department. Generally, I believe all engineers work to solve problems, and therefore there has been minimal politics compared to other working environments. How to win at office politics? Sigh~ Another part of growing up old is in coming…


2 thoughts on “Surviving in an Office

  1. DUN BLUFF lar…. I seriously believe tt u are slacking ur time throughout the working hours in ur office lor…. Earning through slacking.. SHIOK!!!!! YOU da MAN…. the ultimate SLACKER…. maybe u shld come up with a list of pointers for “How to Slack in office while making others SERIOUSLY believe that You are working HARD”….

    Way to go man….. nzj the ultimate!!!!

  2. Oh yeah~ Having said that I am unproductive, I don’t deny the fact that I still try to create the illusion that I am productive and am usually successful in doing so. Haha… At least I can still gauge their expectations after working in the office for such a long time. Hur hur hur~

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