Hairspray [2007]


It has been a long time since a musical-movie got me so excited. I’ve caught a glimpse of what it is like in its trailers, in an opening number in So You Think You Can Dance 3, and heard it’s soundtrack.

The soundtrack is so full of energy that I can imagine how great the movie would be, at least for me. I believe this is the first time I liked the soundtrack even before I have the chance to watch the movie itself. Have always liked musicals. Here’s what has been killing my productivity for this morning (Bandwidth provided by

Come So Far (Got So Far To Go)
Queen Latifah, Nikki Blonsky, Zac Efron And Elijah Kelley
Hairspray OST

People, go buy the soundtrack. Hairspray is launching in Singapore on 23 August. Mark this date.


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