I Am Finally Less Poor!


I am finally $2000 less poor after successfully selling my MacBook Pro at my ideal price line. The handover “ceremony” was really fast. It’s the kind that I like. Boot notebook, check system stats, check for dead pixel, then finally check functionality of USB ports. Then done.

All 2nd-hand buyers should be like that chap. That would make this world a beautiful place. Fine~ I am over exaggerating. But those people who pull out at the last minute, scrutinize a 11 month old notebook, complain about its maintenance, bargain at the point of transaction… They.Ought.To.Be.Shot.

Just realized that I should have more 口德.

But after this 30+ days ordeal, I would never never sell any second hand notebook again. It’s too much hassle. I am really lucky to have this guy popping out of no where this morning. Anyway my new wife should be more future proof in terms of its specifications. HDCP compliant screen, 4GB maximum RAM, longer battery life…

Time to shop for protective gears~


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