nzj ≠ New Zealand Journal

Oui~! Yes~! As of Friday 13th August, searching nzj on Google brings has AnteMeridiem ranked 5th and 17th in the results page.

This is a great personal achievement as it was my aim for people who knows me to be able to find me easily online; especially for those who know me well enough to call me nzj. Having nzj at the top of the search results is significantly more difficult than pushing “Zheng Jie blog” and “nzj blog” to the top. This is because the search term is too short and I have competitors like various New Zealand Journals.

Time to push my nzj ranking upwards and I’d like my readers to give me a hand in this. If you do have this blog in your bloglist, I’d like you to include


as part of the description. This is of course totally voluntary and you may totally retain your original description.

Maybe I’d check ranking once again a few weeks later…

4 thoughts on “nzj ≠ New Zealand Journal

  1. once again… mai lai lar…. this blog is almost like a technological review blog liao…. think if u carry on… someday, ur blog may be like youtube n kana bought by Google oso… then ur saving will dunno increase by how many times…. when tt day comes…. buy me a black volkwagon beetle hor….

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